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Sept. 2, 2023, 10:47 a.m. -  Ceecee

Derby gives an 'ideal' range of 2.6-3.5" for 40i rim, but what's optimal for washboarding? Isn't it possible that given rider weight, casing stiffness, rim iw, and a tbd tire pressure, 2.6" is best for this rim? We know the fork will work better without the extra mass of the cushcore. Jumbo Jim in 26/4" at 1100g doesn't seem all that light. How about the 850g Kenda Juggernaut in same size on Whisky 84i rim? Your setup is more plus than low-fat Contributors to the boatlike handling of King's Peak other than the heavy wheels might be the kinked seat mast and the hard-nosed saddle--and its jaunty rotation

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