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Aug. 6, 2023, 2:52 p.m. -

I wish I could be riding in Squamish and WBP in faster, flowier trails but realistically don't have the time. I just moved to the foot of Mt. Fromme so I will be on those trails the most (7th, expresso, lower digger etc.) Between Fromme and Seymour I will be on lot's of slower, techy trails, even if they are not my favourite type of riding. I guess they are great for building skills though.  My other top choices for bike right now are the We Are One Arrival 170 MX which would still have a short chainstay but longer wheelbase.   The SC Megatower and Nomad also seem pretty popular around these parts and I am sure they would be ok (and easy to buy/sell if I change my mind).

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