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Jan. 10, 2017, 8:32 p.m. -  Kenneth Perras

#!markdown I've though a bit more about this and agree: with limited resources and a lack of interest in the governing bodies to undertake the myriad of work required to bring all policies and paperwork to be inclusive of e-bikes I understand the lack of action. In your case, including WORCA, you can't really be faulted on this. What I don't understand is the anti-pragmatic view on something different. Every argument against e-bikes so far is conjecture and nothing more. There is absolutely no data to support any of the concerns that people have voiced about the impact of e-bikes with the exception that an e-bike contains a motor and motor vehicles are excluded from non-motorized trail systems; the argument is essentially boiled down to semantics and fear. Everytime someone yells "motor" all I see is a Trump supporter yelling "Obamacare". The above, along with my mentality of inclusivity, is exactly why I present my pro-ebike counterpoints. I can't stand NIMBYism and the close-mindeness that it instills. The reality is that at some point there will be enough e-bikers (gasp…) that they will stand up for themselves and have a voice either as part of local mtb advocacy or through their own group. I recall something similar happening with mountain biking not so long ago.

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