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Aug. 1, 2023, 9:07 a.m. -  Justin White

"The Sea to Sky trail would probably be a bit boring on a cross country mountain bike, but given the speed and efficiency of the gravel bike, it turns the trail into a race track, filled with challenging corners." Boooo. If it's boring, you're the boring one. Yes it's fairly tame and not going have many risky parts, but you can challenge yourself on any bike anywhere. A gravel bike isn't really any more "efficient" on trails than a hardtail with fast tires and a firm or locked-out fork, it just has different/more hand positions which can be ideal for long distances. On some of those surfaces, a slightly larger and softer tire than those 45s will actually have less rolling resistance. Plus, probably shouldn't be turning a multi-direction, multi-use trail into your own race-track, anyway.

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