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April 29, 2015, 2:56 p.m. -  Jim

#!markdown Subscriber to Stack here, strongly recommended, they always bring a dose of serendipity to my doorstep, more than anything it's great to have an hour away from every distraction and educate myself. I don't think print is dead, people just need to rethink it. What can it do that the web can't? How can having a physical, tangible object mean more than a fleeting web experience? How can a picture on a piece of paper excite you more than one on a screen? How can ink grab your attention in a way that code can't? How can you share something more meaningfully with a mate in a shed than on facebook? All the web did is streamline and simplify what print has done for 200 years. In the same way that the car didn't kill off the horse, the web won't kill off print. It just needs to become more elegant and elevated. That's what I think anyway…. As for Dirt, I'll certainly miss it. The reviews were the best and Steve Jones is an absolute hero. It's getting tougher to be creative in bike journalism as brands start to exert more control, I like how Dirt tried to be different. It does however leave the door open for someone to try something new, and that's certainly exciting.

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