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April 29, 2015, 5:23 p.m. -  Jamie Hamilton

#!markdown Well said Jim! Here in NZ we have Spoke magazine an awesome independent rag with pithy writing, amazing photography & printed on great "feeling" paper stock. I still have most of the issues still in the magazine rack, boxes & hidden "man zones" throughout our house, much to my wife's dismay. It's a tangible record of my own personal journey with riding & reading. I would be devastated to loose that. I work in the web industry & would be horrified if we ended up getting good quality media fixes only online. Personally my time away from a device is far more important & meaningful. Riding with friends, trail building, discussing stuff! These are all things that are tangible and help us grow on a personal level. I agree with Seb that if you look & want to "see" there are still & always will be quality publications out there that engage us & expand our ways of thinking. That can only be a good thing! It's been said before but, put the device away, look around you and get out with your mates and ride!

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