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Feb. 17, 2017, 11:27 a.m. -  Metacomet

#!markdown I built myself a bit of a 1+1=4 setup as well last year. V3 Nomad and Surly Instigator. 27.5/26+ either which way. 26″ rims are Derby's I got on closeout, and 27.5 rims are WTB i29's. It's been fun, but the available 26+ tires have been a severe limiting factor, so didn't really get too much time to give 26+ a proper shakedown on the Nomad. The dirt wizards were too delicate and had a sort of plastic'y feeling to the rubber on roots and anytime it was wet. It proved that there was some promise to the combination in the right conditions though. Then tried Vee traxs fatty's on the instigator and they were even worse regarding durability, but did roll noticeably faster. Never bothered or dared to try them on the Nomad as the clearance was too tight, and the tires were way too delicate for that bike. Have 2.8 WTB rangers on the Instigator now but have yet to put a ride on them due to all the snow we have at the moment. The tough casing seems promising. Looking forward to giving this tire a shot in the spring, but am anxiously waiting for the 26×2.8 minions to come out, as I think that will be the ticket for both bikes.

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