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July 5, 2023, 8:09 a.m. -  ohio

If you are only a handlebar MFG, this is true to the tune of about 20g or less. But a 35mm stem will be heavier than a 31.8mm stem... to the tune of about 20g or less.  Renthal Carbon Fatbar 35mm x 20mm rise = 225g Renthal Carbon Fatbar 31.8mm x 20mm rise = 225g (no difference) Renthal Apex Stem 35mm x 40mm 122g Renthal Apex Stem 31.8mm x 40mm = 118g (4g lighter) There truly is no net benefit to 35mm, and a significant comfort detriment. Good on zee German companies like Syntace and SQLab for refusing to adopt such nonsense.

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