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June 28, 2023, 8:12 p.m. -  Graham Driedger

You've seen Kashima wear off Fox suspension? I'd agree that the Performance Elite version of the 38 is just as good as the Factory 38, though I've heard some local mechanics anecdotally tell me that Kashima indeed wears far better than the factory black coating. If indeed the X2 Performance Elite has the exact same damper as the Factory X2, I'd purchase that too. It has in the past but I don't know what current iterations have as their setup.  X2 shocks have a bad rap, yeah. We've dealt with many of them here at NSMB. When they work, they're absolutely incredible. My understanding is that Fox is trying to help customers out who have experienced warranty issues with their 2021-2023 X2 shocks by replacing internals with 2024 bits. The verdict is out on how the 2024 will fare, though I can't blame folks who are over the warranty issues and have subsequently switched to a different shock. The X2 on the HD6 has been amazing thus far, and I'll report back in the long-term review if things change.

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