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June 27, 2023, 10:09 p.m. -  Graham Driedger

I feel like I saw 23% progressivity somewhere, but I'll have to verify with Ibis for numbers. Nonetheless, they're confident it can run a coil, and it looks as if their EDR athletes are doing exactly that. As for the angleset, it certainly is convenient when manufacturers engineer it in-house. The Cane Creek 40 headset doesn't strike me as something which will live a lengthy life on the Shore, and aftermarket anglesets are easy to install when the 40 sees itself out the door. I hear you re: flip chips and in-frame storage.  The stack height is reasonable on the HD6. I'll inquire about the HT junction sizing.  The WAO Arrival also has a relatively short head tube, with a 5mm shorter stack. I'm more torso than legs, and still have 5mm skyward of stem spacers to play with. I'll see what shakes out. I do ride a lot of steep trails, and the HD6 doesn't feel out of place.

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