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June 27, 2023, 11:08 a.m. -  Gage Wright

There are Geometrons and there are Arrivals and I am torn between complexity and choice paralysis vs. zen like simplicity. When companies have multiple bike and there are multiple companies I think I rather leave most manufacturers to design a bike with intent.  Have a bike that does X not XY maybe Z and if you swap the seat tube/top tube and add a platform you can make a stridor bike.  Have the bike be the best at it's niche so it can shine. When we get into it if you need change multiple geometry numbers, leverage curves and travel then maybe the bike is not right for the rider.  Given the sheer volume of different companies and bikes there must be a good fit out there without adding the effort WC mechanics and teams do to prototype the latest one-one hundredth gainer bike.  Some will always like to puzzle and that is great. Then again I need to give a point to the people who may want a quiver killer and not have the space to ride 9 bikes so they ride9...shout out to RM Co. Then again again I do not put Forrester struts on my Impreza because, intent.

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