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June 6, 2023, 4:39 a.m. -  Lynx .

@Kelownakona .... Well, a friend had to order in some stuff, so got him to throw a set in with his order. Got them last week Thursday and installed them on the Unit with my NukeProof DH clipless pedals and went for an XC spin to try them out. Seemed perfectly strong/fine and most definitely where they put my feet was a huge improvement over stock - put them just about where I normally have them on the flats.  Put them on the Phantom with same pedals for Sundays ride and took them for a proper Trail ride, did everything, pedally XC, tech climbing, faster flowy DH and steep, tech DH and they worked flawlessly, definitely think the wider stance gives you much better balance as well as easing the pressure that's put on your knees with "regular" Q-Factor clipless pedals, well if you're like me and have straight to slightly knocked knees. Another benefit, absolutely loads of clearance now between my shoes the cranks and stays, so much more room to pivot my foot about with hitting the cranks or stays. These were the cheap set, about $12 USD, made from SS I think or some other "cheaper" steel, but after those two rides I will definitely be ordering at least 2 more sets, one of which I think\ I'm going to try the more expensive ones _(around $30-40 USD)_ which are claimed to be a Ti alloy, so hoping to drop about half the weight off them with that. ![](![]( ![](

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