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May 28, 2023, 8:56 p.m. -  [email protected]

Mike,  Thanks for all the years of wisdom, vitriol, glee, and poignancy. I remember the old days when my riding buddies and I would debate the merits of who we'd rather wind up sitting on a barstool next to, you or Rob Story. No one wins that debate, but I'm sure glad I get to continue reading your stuff. So much of what you've written over the years has resonated so strongly with me. Thank you for the small parts of you, you share with us.  In my youth, I used to feel genuine resentment for anything that did not feed the adrenal need while riding. "Garbage" miles indeed. I also thought myself wise enough to "appreciate the journey", but clearly, I was not.  Somewhere along the way, life kicked enough shit out of me, that now I get, "it". At least enough of, "it" , to enjoy more of, "it".

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