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May 25, 2023, 8:20 a.m. -  taprider

1\. "He struggled between various memories and the memory of what really happened was the only unreal one for him" _Elena Garro_ 2\. "The fundamental problem with mtn biking is that every so often, no matter how lacking you may be in the essential virtues required of a skilled and strong rider , the odds are that one day you will ride a trail effortlessly, and with panache. This is the essential frustration of this excruciating sport. For when you've done it once, you make the fundamental error of asking yourself why you can't do this all the time. The answer to this question is simple: the first time was a fluke." _Colin Falconer_ 3\. Type 2 Fun is greater than Type 1 Fun 4\. If they have to tell you, they have to kill you 5\. You won't understand, you had to be there 6\. No matter where you go, there you are 7\. "Mike! Where are you biking to? You look crazy!" _Elena Garro_ . .

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