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May 22, 2023, 1:29 p.m. -  Andrew Major

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about mountain bike marketing lately - actually just finished a project of sorts on the subject - and it highlighted just how irrelevant most of it is to me. And also whether it’s relevance to me really has any bearing on selling bikes at all - it may be irrelevant that I find it lacks relevance. Today I went riding with my brother Crash Test. I pushed and pedaled and mostly pushed my Marinster Truck up a steep old skidder to ride some trails we’ve been enjoying for over twenty years. The only other riders we saw were a dad and teen who passed us on their e-bikes on the gravel climb before our hike. It made me think it’s bizarre how many different things are covered under the umbrella of mountain biking now compared to when I was that teens age - doing essentially what I’m doing now. Anyway, whether they like bikes or they’re simply using their fabrication skills to give themselves or their families the best life they can, there sweet riding video or new tech that’s to appeal to me marketing wise. But if brands make quality products want to tell stories about the quality folks making their shit then I’m interested.  On that note, I’ve been quite enjoying Santa Cruz Bikes ‘Factory Friday’ pieces heave been posting on social media. Normally not into videos but they’re quite enjoyable.

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