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May 10, 2023, 8:41 a.m. -  Andy Eunson

I was smart enough not to "inherit" my dad’s small crescent wrench. It was that same grey colour. But I learned at age 13 or so how crappy that thing was. I was pushing with all my might, probably backwards, to undo an axle nut on my coaster bike. I saw the grub screw that held in the worm gear, that adjusted and held in place the lower jaw fall out followed by the worm gear, followed by the lower jaw all in a tiny fraction of a second and caused me to punch the sidewalk is was working on. Then in a fit of rage and pain I swore as best as a 13 year old can which came out as GAAAAAA! I then hucked the remnant into Mr Smith’s back yard into his tall grass. Then I had to climb Mr Smith’s fence to retrieve that POS. See, dad never owned a small enough screw driver to tighten the grub screw enough to stay in place longer than one use. And it never occurred to me to use my sisters nail polish as a replacement for locktite which I’d never heard of anyway.  Ultimately I bought my own set of pliers to give myself blood blisters with.

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