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May 2, 2023, 3 p.m. -  steelispossiblyreal

Thanks man. I couldn't believe how well the Kona fork color matched. Dr. Welby sold that to me for a song. Speaking of Dr. Welby, I've got some 50mm Alexrims that he sent me a link to, I believe they were like $30 USD per hoop? These are the only 29x2.8"+ tires I've tried really. I've got a 3" XR4 in the tire bin just in case the Duro Crux didn't work out. But the Duro Crux seated up tubeless no problem with no leakage/seapage despite being an older one. My buddy got the newer Duro Crux and it definitely feels less supple / more damped. I'd like to A/B, but I'm sure Cushcore in this lighter older Duro Crux is plenty.  One day maybe I'll try an Oddity Squidfork on this thing because plastic is existentially scary. But this Kona fork, especially for the price, is basically impossible to beat.

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