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May 2, 2023, 2:37 p.m. -  steelispossiblyreal

I sold my Canfield Nimble 9 hardtail to get a REEB Donkadonk setup year round rigid and it's been so much fun. Currently running it with a 29x3" Ranger in the back and 29x3.25" Duro Crux up front, no Cushcore (even though I love Cushcore). It really is such a great change of pace to my Starling Murmur, but I really do need to remind myself what I'm riding when I drop down the first descent. Or, put differently, the trail reminds me pretty quickly. It's been nice to have a bike that forces me to dial it back a bit since I've been known to blow myself up on the downhills. I've got it with a Kona Woo fork, which has 150mm (fat) spacing and a wopping 515mm A2C. And it feels sooooooo good. If anything I could go a little slacker in the summer, but in the snow it's goldilocks. ![](

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