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April 27, 2023, 11:28 a.m. -  SteveR

One of two timely articles this week, Andrew, as I consider next winter’s complete make-over of my 2000 Dekerf Team. Currently it’s setup with 35 mm tires and an ancient Reba fork, seeing duty as my “gravel” bike. My vision is rigid fork, 27 wheels and wider rubber (it will take up to 2.1) Stumbling block thus far has been the fork- big bucks for a piece of Dekerf artwork, or something from the likes of Surly (heavier and ugly as f with all those warts)? It has to be 11/8 so any other suggestions? Second timely article was about the pedals, as on our first ride with the 7 year old granddaughter on Sunday, her foot slipped off the cheap stock not-very-grippy pedal on her Spawn (bought by us!). Ouch! As a mostly clip less rider myself, the switch to flats with all those spikes for winter does give me pause,  and I have been maimed a time or two. My idea with the One-ups might be to grind the “safety nuts” down somewhat  to expose the pin a bit? The trails that we ride with the kid tend to be smooth dry nontechnical dirt and not NS style ( kudos to Claire!) Thoughts?

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