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April 27, 2023, 9:12 a.m. -  Lynx .

Hey TristanC, yeah, I'm with Andrew on this one, IMHO you want at minimum an i35 rim, but preferably an i40-45 if you're going to run that wide a tyre. From my experimentation, my rules go like this 2.2-2.4" = i25-i30, 2.4-2.6"=i30-i35, 2.8-3.0"=i35-i40. If you're running an FS, where the need for cush isn't as important as grip, then you can run wider rims, like 2.6" on i40, but going for something 3-3.25" on an i30 rim, you'd need to run the pressures too high and still would get tyre roll IMHO. This is from someone who enjoys a short travel FS and rigid, all on the same technical, steep trails. My FS setup is i25 R/i30 F with 2.3" tyres because I found in a certain spot, on a few trails the sidewall was too exposed and getting punctures below the rim seat bead line in the back on i30, switching to i25 solved the problem. I run my current Conti RUBAN 2.6" on my i35 wheelset, but did try them on my i39 set and found that they had too much support and were much harsher.

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