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April 27, 2023, 9:05 a.m. -  Lynx .

Great piece, again, Andrew. Have to agree with TristanC though, damn expensive for an alu fork, if I'm looking now knowing that Trek sell the fork for the 1120 for $100 more, I'd go that route - would love something a bit longer to try on the Unit or on the Paradox HT. To the thought of it's better to have full rigid an plus setup for a budget bike, I still think you're right, just your "idea" of budget is set too high/good - to me the Recon is a decent lower end fork. What I'm talking about is the sub $1000 bikes with those 6lb> mostly steel "suspension" forks, where you never honestly know how it will react when it hits a bump/hole, will it work, will it dive completely through it's travel and slingshot back at you, here is where having a fork that does not move really helps. Need to get researching to find myself my next set of 29x2.8-3.0" rubber for the Unit, the 3.0" DHF is dry rot as hell, as was the Chronicle a year ago and while the 29x2.6" Conti RUBANs have the most volume of any 2.6" tyre I've encountered, it is still lacking a bit in volume for the rougher trails I like.

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