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April 27, 2023, 7:16 a.m. -  JT

I enjoy the transition times of year where I convert my Sarge between the 29" or fat set up (season dependent) where I have the rigid fork on for a few rides, though my wrists generally give me a no-go after a few hours. I also like dorking around and rolling the fat out back with the squishy fork and 29er up front. Frankenbiking is a good way to figure out things. But I've raved enough about my RSD experiences. No one needs to read em anymore. Sus on entry level bikes is always suspect. Some are better than others, but get to a certain price and it really is just to have one on there, regardless of performance. And that takes away from other bits that could be upspecced and provide a real performance advantage. Admittedly, this is coming from a more than mild enthusiast's perspective. There are great skills to be picked up riding rigid. Seeing my pal who's built like an ox ride through a rock garden at a clip on his old Fisher Rig, flitting along like a ballerina, really drove home that learning to ride rigid well makes going back to a full sus a helluvalot faster. Hunch is the newbie coming into the sport won't appreciate that aspect though.

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