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April 27, 2023, 6:57 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Cheers. Yeah, it’s a tale of two brothers. Clearly the rigid fork was rideable but much less enjoyable for my youngest brother (UTS) but I’m now trying to convince my brother who does ride regularly (CTK) to let me put it on the front of his single-speed Honzo for a couple weeks.  CTK just rolls his eyes but I suspect he’d actually enjoy the extra challenge in the blue trails near his place that he uses all the time for ride from home rides. If only to spice things up. ——— My wife loves her hardtail. Especially being short it allows for a long dropper post and the plus tires add a lot of comfort. The mistake I made (have been making) was basing tire pressure off of what I would run sans inserts (I don’t run CushCore in her tires). Lately I’ve been dropping the pressure in an effort to tease out how low us too low. But yeah, she’s running a 140mm suspension fork and that’s perfect.

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