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April 26, 2023, 11:23 p.m. -  TristanC

I'm a little puzzled by the $300 price tag. Maybe I'm still estimating prices pre-inflation, but I would expect a rigid not-plastic fork to come in around $150 max? Surly forks (not as long at 483mm, steel boat anchors) are $175, and I bought a whole Stooge frame and fork for $800 new. Re: not price whinging, I started riding on a rigid 27.5+ (Marin Pine Mountain) and it has definitely influenced my bike choices since then. I happily ride everything on a hardtail and switch between rigid and squishy forks regularly. I've also done a 26x4.8" up front and a 29x2.6" out back, rigid, which is much more fun than it should be. Speaking of plus tires on rigids. Am I going to die if I put a 3.25" Duro Crux on an i30 rim?

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