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April 18, 2023, 11:10 a.m. -  Kurt Adams

Hi everybody....I'm late to the hardtail party! I'm fairly certain I'm going to pull the trigger on either the Roscoe 7... as stated in this article OR a Devinci Kobain 11s. Roscoe 7 = $1880, 31.5 lbs, Recon Silver RL air 42offset 140mm fork, 73.1STA, 65HA, 430CS Kobain 11s = $1870, 32.5lbs, 35 Silver R coil 51offset 130mm fork, 75STA, 65.5HA, 435CS I do really like the Canadian manufacturing of the Devinci I'm struggling here on which to buy (first world problems), any insite would be helpful, this will not be my primary bike.

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