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May 22, 2015, 10:17 a.m. -  Big D

#!markdown Potter was full of shit. I love watching wingsuit vids… but spare me the shock and awe. These guys are bent, I'm not sure how but they are freaking bent. It is awesome to have humans pushing the boundaries of human endeavours, but lets just be honest about it, big walls with no ropes? You have a serious problem… wingsuit flying with your emotional support dog??? and all the while pretending to be some off the grid, I don't live by the mans rules dude… yet soaking up every opportunity to get your face out with your sponsor? I'm sad he's gone because I loved seeing his crazy antics, I'm sorry for that people that lost a loved one… am I surprised, well no. Slamming into rock at near terminal velocity was Dean Potters destiny.

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