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April 11, 2023, 10:57 a.m. -  earle.b

I've always worn a pack for riding and skiing. I feel naked without one. Even on urban rides on the e-cargo bike with massive panniers I'll wear a backpack.  Current favourite pack is a Deuter Ascender 7, it's a trail running pack that I feel crosses over well to riding.   []( A nice selection of pockets on the straps. It has a little pouch pocket on the one side of the chest strap that is supposed to be to carry folded trekking poles, in cold weather I stuff my buff neck warmer in there once I warm up, on warm rides I like to climb without gloves on and I stuff my gloves in it. Originally I was going to cut it off but with the black on black packs it just blends in.  Inside the pack is always a Patagonia Houdini jacket if didn't start the ride in it.  Also a nice Deuter Tool Pocket to keep the tool kit organized. Sadly discontinued I think.  []( Spare gloves are kept in a little bright yellow 0.5L dry sac, if the rains turn really really ugly the phone will also go into the little dry sac for protection. I'd gladly trade one of the mesh shoulder strap pockets for a waterproof phone pocket on the pack.

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