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April 1, 2023, 8:05 a.m. -  trumpstinyhands

We've got this tool at work. I've also extensively used the 'generic one' from the likes of Princess Auto and seems to be in a lot of shops. I own (but haven't yet used) a 'shitty' $60 one from Amazon. Honestly, I wish the current store had purchased the shitty $60 one, and spent the remaining money on some nice modular bearing extractors / presses from the likes of RWC or RRP. Sure, the puller feels nice and works, but it's the wrong tool for the job most of the time. But if you have the money for a lot of nice tools, sure buy this AND the modular tools! On the plus side, I like the fact that the handle is shaped so you can't catch your hand in-between the handle and the part of the puller that it smashes against.... I've done that more than once. And given the pain that doing it once caused, I am officially a complete moron for doing this more than once.... I like the fact that the back of the puller that the weight smashes against doesn't unscrew. The Princess Auto one does, and when it does, the weight deforms and binds against the shaft. You have to open it back up with a round file. I don't yet yet on the shitty Amazon one, but it actually gets good reviews. The tolerances are so poor compared to the Enduro one, that it can be bent and deformed as much as you like and will still work the same! But as you should always use a heat gun in conjunction with a blind puller unless you like to either sweat or leave bits of bearings stuck in the frame etc, I'm sure with enough heat it'll work OK.

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