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March 29, 2023, 10:22 a.m. -  itsky21

Glad to see this very good review. I checked out the stock builds in the shop and they looked great. Ripper of a bike to be sure. I loved the color of the Roscoe 7 and was disappointed I couldn't pick it for the frame only.  I just ordered a frame for my 10 year old son. He's 5'0" so I got a small.  I building it up with:  * fox 34 Grip * hunt xc wide wheels (25mm) internal * SRAM GX drive train with 165mm cranks * SRAM G2 rsc brakes and 180mm centerline rotor I'm undecided on dropper and which tires, I'm going to pick, but I'm thinking ~2.35 and something light weight as he's only 85 lbs.  Can't wait for the frame to arrive!

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