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March 28, 2023, 10:17 p.m. -  Martin

RESIN-ONLY ROTORS KILL DREAMS. I remember vividly how I discovered how those even existed. It was in Canmore Alberta in 2006. I had my brown Kona Shred with (unbeknownst to me at the time) resin-only rotors and cheap Shimano cable disc brakes. I don't remember how I heard about it, but Calgary Cycle were doing a sale on Hayes Mag brakes and it was my "materialistic dream' to have those at the time. I drove to Calgary over the weekend, installed those on my bike and went Shreding like my bike's name suggested. There was a downhill trail just outside of Canmore which lasted maybe 3-4 minutes of amateur level hatdtailing. The brakes were making a weird noise, but I though this was just the POWER noise.  After the second run, I check my brake pads because it sounded really weird, and surprise! The rotors were all chewed up and the brake pads were litterally down to the metal backing. I went back to Calgary, bought 2 new rotors and 2 new set of pads. That was quite expensive for around 8 minutes of ride time. 13 years later, I bought a budget Marin Rift Zone 1 with those resin-only rotors and I had RT66s (the machined ones, not stamped like the new version)  in my hands even before getting the bike. Never again will I get my dreams crushed by those rotors.

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