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May 29, 2015, 9:04 a.m. -  OldManBike

#!markdown Seems like an overly defensive reaction to an overall positive comment. What I'm saying is what I said: IMO it was a good review that would have been better without some tired gender language. If "Tough but masculine" would be a ridiculous subhead, is "Tough but feminine" the best you can do? I'm not seeing those kinds of unforced errors in recent PB reviews of women's gear like this: < review-2014.html> And I don't see PB running pieces with thumbnails like this: You ask, "And you are challenging what a woman finds important based on her experience as a mountain biker (and one who works with female riders at the retail level) from your male perspective? You don't see the contradiction here?" No. What I'm challenging is the editorial decision to describe in gendered terms something that would never be discussed in gendered terms in a men's glove review. Whatever. Not here to fight, just offering one opinion about how to improve.

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