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March 24, 2023, 9:47 a.m. -  Justin White

RE: Using a T-type cassette with other deraiiluers... "It also theoretically eliminates that pesky requirement to have a UDH compatible bike to get the Transmission cassette and chain advantages." IFF that non-UDH hanger and the surrounding frame has room for the extra 2.5mm outboard. I think the guys from Cotic have noted that the new cassette won't actually fit on some of their non-UDH frames. On my Stumpy I measure ~3mm between an X01 chain on the 10t cog of an Eagle cassette and the hanger. I would not be comfortable shrinking that gap to 0.5mm, especially with the same proximity to the carbon of the seat-stays. Hopefully the fancy ramps and chain trickle down to non-T-type systems. I think we all know by now that the smoothness of the shifting itself it is pretty much all about the interaction of chain and cogs (ramps and link plate shapes), while the shift feel/action is all about the interaction of shifter and mech (clutch, cable pull ratios, levers vs switches). Those T-type cog shapes (and the new chain) in a 52mm chain-line cassette should still shift smoother and quieter than existing Eagle, even with a cable mech.

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