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March 21, 2023, 1:09 p.m. -  Gage Wright

Hey Cam, next time you want to test the durability can you apply some lateral or rearward force to the cage?  I sometimes strike the side of my derailleur body but more commonly I hit the part of the derailleur closest to the ground.  If the cage cannot handle a strike or the force transfers and deforms any other part of the drivetrain or frame then having a derailleur body that can handle 1 million billion kilograms of force is mute.   Where is the weakest point in the system?  How does this weak point put the whole system (drivetrain and frame) at risk?  To borrow a phrase, have we tied together two boats in a storm? If there is no risk to the frame then my question is if Sram is willing to participate in the Right to Repair program?  The ability to replace some parts is a fine step towards a more repairable and renewable bike industry but I would like to see all parts replaceable and supported long term with parts availability. Overall, interesting but I am not an early adopter.

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