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March 18, 2023, 6:57 a.m. -  jwellford

They finally arrived. Both the M and the L are very tight/skinny all around, especially in the fingers. It gives a second-skin kind of feel, and they allow for much more dexterity than any other glove I’ve used. I can even operate a phone touchscreen pretty well. The sizing is definitely funky and I like the fit of my L Briskers much more than the skinny finger fit of the WindBlock—I have poor circulation in the fingers so the tight fit is definitely worse for me than it might be for others, even though my fingers are fairly skinny. As for M vs L, they feel similar. I could wear both but am keeping the L as the M is a bit tighter. The finger length is about the only difference, and the M is a little tighter around the cuff (both are tight there and not easy to get on). Basically, to me they feel the way every other Leatt has felt to you, I guess.

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