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March 16, 2023, 11:46 a.m. -  Chris Anderson

I love my Onyx hubs. But there is a bit of "squishy engagement" which i dont notice on the trail just in the "parking lot test" if i have my rear brake on and push on the pedals. Doesnt bother me one bit and I think it may actually help absorb some of the feel of pedal kickback. Not that different from what O chain does I guess. I'm addicted to the silence on my rides so i'll take the squish and weight penalty all day! Just got a new bike that came with DT 350s. Forgot how much I dislike the sound of a pawl engaging and that metallic "ting" sound when ratcheting when you're at a stand still and taking up the slack in the hub. *I do realize the 350 is a ratchet not a pawl, but makes the same noise when it first engages

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