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March 15, 2023, 6:50 a.m. -  Cr4w

I think the big takeaway is to not assume carbon rims are better for every rider in every circumstance. In the 2011 timeline I was chewing up aluminum rims all the time and switching to Derby carbon DH rims (w/ Hope Pro 4 hubs) was a big improvement but wow were they stiff. When I switched to WAO Converts everything balanced out. I enjoyed the higher engagement Hydra hubs and the rims are so much more comfortable to ride. My guess is that modern alloy rims have come a long way and would probably deliver the same ride quality and durability at half the price. Wrecking rims and rebuilding wheels is a huge hassle so will I run this experiment? Not if I don't have to. My new bike will have a fresh set of WAOs.

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