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Jan. 11, 2017, 4 p.m. -  Lee Lau

#!markdown I actually didn't think it was a particularly fair question to ask you but I asked it anyway. You're not the manufacturer. You're not the party directly profiting out of ebikes. I actually did see that Sam did not answer the question. I would have been surprised if he did. Rhetorically speaking why on earth would Specialized want to expend the vast resources necessary to advocate for ebikes region by region at a local level. Far easier and far more pragmatic to take the approach they have taken right now with efforts at a high-level. I do still maintain that manufacturers like Specialized, and in the near future Rocky and Norco et al should be the persons answering these questions. Like I said I didn't expect either you or Dirk/Dave to do so but maybe I was hoping that you in the Specialized interview would press the manufacturers harder on that and not let Sam get away with the copout (poor Sam - how could he really answer?). As for writing an article, I've got to prioritize what I do. I literally spent hundreds of hours on the whole CMHC debacle. And am spending hours and hours writing about transitions for the society act. I frankly see the whole e-bike thing as so politicized, such a minefield and so polarizing that I'm not willing to put out another article about it. My EXPERIENCE is that all significant Sea-to-sky land managers are regulating ebikes as there will be very few places they can ride. So in my local neck of the woods e-bikes will be dead anyhow so why even spend much energy on the issue. Now in areas like the SSC or the Cariboo/Chilcotin where there's less population pressure there'll be ebikes running around - but really that aint' my problem as I don't live there. So basically its just laziness on my part. Also its an almost foregone conclusion that I'll get non-answers from the manufacturers of the world who will gladly put out ebikes and offload the advocacy onto others and call anyone who doesn't like it NIMBYS

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