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March 14, 2023, 1:38 a.m. -  lkubica

The subject of pedal kickback is a really fascinating one, and I am waiting for someone to do some scientific measurements, here. I think employing suspension telemetry, some braking sensors and wheel speed/acceleration sensor one could really get to some meaningful conclusions. This year, out of winder boredom, I bought an O-Chain. Riding z Meta 29 (single pivot with a lot of PK), I though there will be a noticeable difference. And as usual things are not simple at all. You can feel the difference, but this difference is not affecting my ride (mean speed) in any meaningful way. Maybe because I am already using a low engagement hub (DT 370). Bike is MUCH more quieter, I had to remove chain guide to install O-Chain and there is no difference in bike quietness (which is a big pro). The traction is more or less the same, and I am riding in snow, slop, mud, wet roots, wet roots under snow, every sh*t you can think of on trails which are not overly steep, but definitely rough. This braking thing, I am not so sure about it, you see, your wheel either skids or it does not. If it does not, it means it has to spin only a little bit slower than it would without braking. Or put differently, wheel slows down gradually if you don't skid. If it skids, sure, you have PK, but this does not happen too often.

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