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March 10, 2023, 5:10 p.m. -  Adrian Bostock

This hit me right in the JOB feelers. Every thing has an impact. Much like the quantum cliche, observation cause a change, or how ever you want to think about that.  many recreational advocacy groups, including mountain biking were just last week, metaphorically speaking, cup in hand to land managers, begging, please sir let us do this thing we like to do. I won’t cause no trouble. promise. now that thing has morphed into a turbo charged super version of what it was, hardly resembles what we’re were begging to do in the first place, and we are demanding to be able to go where ever we are able to go. because freedom. because no one can tell me that 850 turbo enduro sled is not equivalent to a 1988 norco bush pilot. The nut of all of this is value based decisions. what do we place value in. what are our common values. do our current activity’s negatively impact those values. can those impact be managed.  it’s not so black and white. and it’s not an easy conversation. and can I submit time for this lol.

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