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March 9, 2023, 10:54 a.m. -  markvp

Hello Andrew! Been following nsmb since I came to Saskatoon,SK Canada 7yrs ago.. just made an account just to make this comment.. Because I have a 2021 rift zone 2 and was wondering what if I got the 3 instead but really short and n budget that time and got 2 bikes (rift zone, hawk hill) for me and my wife instead of a higher end bike just for myself. Maybe you guys can make an article about staff rides and different versions of it or best set up and for what purpose? Or what parts (reviewed) worked best for your frame/riding style? My rift zone is so stock im not sure if the oem vee tires are really holding me back in rolling resistance or just me not fit enough.. but for sure the 2.35 vee tire have superb grip vs the 2.25 rangers I had with my previous GT avalanche 29er. And another thing about hardtails, Do I need the rift zone for my local trails? The GT Avalanche was sufficient and fast stock! But since friends ask me to fix their bikes all FS I thought I’ll be a legit mechanic if I have a CAD2500 bike bs a CAD750 bike? Now im laughing at my self.  Looking forward to buy chromag parts for my RiftZone! Thanks!

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