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March 9, 2023, 8:16 a.m. -  sverdrup

Looking back, when I am regularly riding a long-travel full squish, I am also fanatical about bike setup and achieving a "balanced" feel.  I always want my rig to feel predictable in order to ride closer to my own personal edge, but chasing changing suspension feel with temp, altitude, servicing, etc, can feel like an endless loop that sometimes took away from my enjoyment of the riding itself. I have gravitated towards a Chromag with an angleset and a 170mm fork, and don't give a hoot about balance any longer.  Maybe because now I don't have a rear shock I have to worry about, or maybe because riding a hardtail requires a different position on the bike, I dunno.  But I find it refreshing that I can just grip it and rip it, and not feel like I am always chasing my tail with finding balance.

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