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March 9, 2023, 6:49 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Cheers! I don't know about single-speeding, folks seem to either get it or they don't and not everyone has the right combination of brute force and stupidity to pull it off. I get a bit of correspondence from folks asking about gearing or just getting started. Rigid forks, I feel, are taking off. I had more correspondence last year about rigid forks than anything else. For some folks, it's livening up their terrain. For some folks, it's simplifying or re-discovering their favourite activity. It's awesome. The one thing I say to riders thinking seriously about going rigid who live anywhere with aggressive terrain and who are going to ride a 29'er over 27" rig, is to pick up at least a rim and front tire ASAP. It's getting harder and harder to track down aggressive 29+ rubber. I really like the Race Face ARC 40 Offset rim (still readily available) and I'm hoping WTB will still bring back the 2.8" Vigilante Light/HighGrip ([**there's still a SKU for it**]( ![](

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