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March 8, 2023, 10:17 a.m. -  Niels van Kampenhout

No doubt. If I was looking to buy carbon wheels I'd probably be looking at WAO myself. My comment was made purely from a business point of view. With most high-end gear you can argue that there is a comparable but lower priced alternative out there. See the comments on many of our reviews. Yet these premium priced products exist and a lot of them are quite successful. If all the wheels you listed have a similar spec and are of comparable ride quality and durability, why are some priced higher than others? PerhapsĀ because they target a different market segment that is prepared to pay a premium for some sort of perceived added value. That perceived added value could be the brand's reputation, whether the wheels are made domestically or not (Reynolds are Made in USA (EDIT: Designed in USA, Made in Asia), there are a lot more Americans than Canadians, for them that may have added value over Made in Kamloops), or simply the higher price itself ("Look, I can afford more expensive wheels than you!"). Premium pricing strategy is a real thing. Personally I prefer the feel of aluminum rims which conveniently are a lot less expensive, so to me all these carbon wheels look ridiculously expensive! ;-)

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