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March 8, 2023, 9:34 a.m. -  BadNudes

Oh my god @trumpstinyhands that drop bar Morphine is going to haunt my dreams/nightmares forever... Thank you. I like drop bars on long rides because they help you rotate your pelvis a lot more than flat bars or most alt bars, so I can ride a lot longer without saddle and lower back discomfort.  I feel kind of disconnected on the hoods or tops, not that that's always a bad thing, and the drops are low and the lever reach usually isn't very ergonomic, so I understand not loving the level of control/brake feel with drop bars, but I'm usually limited by tire traction before I have a chance to really feel that.  In sort of the same vein, drop bar droppers seem lackluster; you end up in the drops for proper grip and control, with your hands too low to really make use of the added maneuverability. A bit more comfortable on fast and rough downhills, but not the game changer a dropper can be when my hands are high and wide, giving a stable platform to really move around above the bike. A cool commute deserves a cool commuter bike - very nice Andrew!

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