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March 7, 2023, 12:29 p.m. -

Thanks for the question! We recommend having two devices. Reason being is that the 'outer casing' is installed in the steerer tube, and after that you're able to freely remove the GPS enclosure. Without two devices, you'd need to fully swap the outer casing (which requires knocking the star nut down). Don't get me wrong, you could achieve this in only a few short minutes! To better support people like us (who have a garage full of bikes), we've introduced tiered pricing for the data. I'll include what we are thinking below with the understanding that this is not finalized yet and could change slightly: Data plans are as follows:  1 Snik = **$7.50 / mo** 2 Snik = **$13.50 / mo** 3 Snik = **$19 / mo** 4 Snik = **$24 / mo** 5 Snik = **$28 / mo**

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