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March 6, 2023, 8:59 a.m. -  IslandLife

Just a note on inserts "lasting forever".  With Cushcore... (this was the XC version) I found that mine would get a lot of cuts after a period of time and seemed to be losing their rim protective capabilities as the number of cuts increased. With Tannus, while it doesn't cut up and I thought was going to last forever... after two seasons of riding a set, I started banging my rear rim more and more, then finally destroyed it.  I happened to have a new insert that a friend decided not to use and had passed it along to me.  Took my old insert out and compared them.  While they still looked exactly the same, the old one was substantially more squishy and flexible than the new one which was much stiffer and harder.  After installing, support and rim protection that must have been waning over the last month or so of use, was right back where it should have been. Seems that over time they start to soften up and eventually need replacing.  Just one anecdotal story... but worth investigating further by you guys that test this stuff.

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