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March 5, 2023, 8:53 a.m. -  Andrew Major

The way I see it, the cost difference on a products that effectively last forever gets amortized out over many rides. So for inserts, up front cost savings aren’t much if a reason to choose on or the other. ——— Certainly, for mountain biking and groad riding, there are many options for lighter tire inserts and it’s up to an individual rider what’s the best balance of grams v. insert for them. There are always trade offs though - which are very rider dependent.  For example for some riders some inserts deaden the ride too much (which can be compensated for with lighter tires) for extra protection they don’t want/need, while others may find that lighter inserts don’t offer enough protection or lack some other features (like run flat). Etc. But I think the key to discussing inserts is recognizing that the various options are at least very different varieties of apples.

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