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March 5, 2023, 8:44 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Tannus is great from the perspective changing how a tire ramps (closer to CushCore XC in this regard - which is great) and also providing rim protection as long as there’s air in the tire.  I’ve installed a lot of Tannus inserts and the two main reasons folks choose them over CC are cost and weight. On the cost front, both systems effectively last forever. At least that’s my ongoing experience. So amortizing them over rides and time the goal is to make them essentially free. On the weight front, I find the concern is almost exclusively going from no insert to adding an insert and its academic - scale weight not about the on-trail experience. This isn’t universal, but even when it comes to folks who’ve downsized from CC Pro to CC XC it’s usually about changing ride characteristics not about clawing back grams. For me, personally, I’m not interested in inserts I can’t pedal home (gently, on the road, at least) with a flat if my plug & pump fails. This is practical (I don’t like changing flats on wet winter days) but also comes from having seen a couple riders exiting the trail network with a pink Tannus insert bandoleered around them dripping Stan’s sealant after they’ve installed a tube - not being that guy is worth some grams.

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