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March 4, 2023, 8:25 a.m. -  Andrew Major

I’m still playing with pressures with the inserts. I’ve gone down to 25psi with the inserts but have been in the 28-30psi range usually. I started at 40psi without inserts and played with pressure down to 30psi based on others advice, but I’m on a zero rim-strike program on this bike.  I’m not interested in changing tire pressures ride to ride on any of my bikes so I’m always looking for a set pressure where I’m genuinely generally happy. On my Rifty I run 19psi front/rear, on V2 I run 12psi front and 16psi rear, etc. ——— *edit: I should state that these pressures come through trial and error and are as read on my pump. I don’t use a fancy separate gauge as I really only care if my tires are accurate ride-to-ride not universally, so build in whatever margin of error on the actual psi reading.

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