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March 4, 2023, 1:14 a.m. -  Tremeer023

I'm interested in a CC that isn't a complete nightmare to remove.  Here's my recent CC removal horror story... Maxxis Rekon 2.6, 27.5 on a Raceface Turbine 30mm rim. CC Pro.  I also don't have a spare bin lying around just to change a tyre (funnily enough). I don't have a bead dropper either but do have heavy duty metal tyre levers which do everything else. I managed to install it myself, just about. Anyway, came to remove it last week and after about 30 mins of grappling (fully soaped rim), swearing and injuring my hand, I could not get the bead to break and slip into the centre channel. Had to do the drive of shame to my LBS (a Giant concept store) and paid them £10 to remove it.  After 5 mins the guy had to call his boss over for help. Another 10 mins later and they both emerged from the workshop looking sheepish to tell me they were unable to break the bead and could not remove it!  I told them I didn't need the tyre (it had 2 plugs in it) so they ended up cutting the tyre off instead.  Thing is, it is a really good insert on the trail. Are the xc CC 's easier to deal with?  Can anyone recommend the next closest thing to CC Pro that doesn't require a counselling session for post traumatic stress? Tannus, Rimpact?   Thanks, and sorry for the rant.

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